About us


Meet the Owners

Hi friends! My name is Vinette, and this is my daughter Ashley ( beauty and the brains behind this venture ).  We are a small black female own business and I am the Founder and CEO of Body care by Vinette.  We are originally from the beautiful island of Jamaica and currently live in NY.   I started this company not only because of my love for beauty and skincare but because Ashley suffered for years with eczema. After trying steroid creams, pills, diet changes, store-bought products, and going back and forth to the dermatologist, I decided to look for natural alternatives. After months of research, I started using organic shea butter. It drastically improved her skin. We added different beneficial skin oils and soon family members took notice. We shared the body butter with friends and family who got similar results. They encouraged us to share this amazing combination with you all, and after months of perfecting the recipe, Body Care by Vinette was created 

We focus on providing natural handmade products that cater to all genders and skin types while promoting loving the skin you are in. We believe in transparency in the ingredients we use. We take great pride in using cruelty-free quality products.  We strive on using products that enhance beautiful healthy skin with our customers in mind. Let’s show your skin some love by investing in your skin, it’s your best accessory!

As for our collection, we will strive to give you premium Body butter that will leave your skin moisturized and glowing. Our products will not only leave you smelling amazing but will make you feel beautiful. We are happy to take you on this journey with us, you'll be glad you did!


xoxo, BodycarebyVinette